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Free Halloween Clip art – frame/label/tag

revideviHalloweenFrame2revideviHalloweenFrame1Enjoy these free frame clip arts! Graphics come in black and orange. Just perfect for the upcoming halloween day! Great for frame (for blog and online store), label and tag (for goodie bags and sweets labels).

How to download: Click on the image to see it larger, zoom, then you can save it (right click, save image).

If you need more halloween frames/ labels/ tags, make sure to check this out


Clipart Cool Halloween Frames

There are also more collection of cliparts for any occasion. Check out REVIDEVI collection at etsy

To get more ideas and inspiration for your halloween party, check out my pinterest

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DIY: Birdie Tags

Quick and simple to make!! & you don’t need to buy expensive materials to make these tags. You’ll only need scissor, black pen, hole puncher, ribbon, and some old postcards/ old publication/ flyer.


  1. Print the patterns. Based on those patterns, make the following parts: the tag (approx. 2 x 3,5”), the body, and the black eye (use a hole puncher to make this).
  2. Mount the body onto the tag. Draw the legs, tail, etc with a black pen.
  3. Punch a hole on the top of the tag, and attach a ribbon. Voila! Your birdie tag is now ready!

ps. click on each image to see it larger

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