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DIY: Mini Angels (gift cards)

Quick and simple to make, as always :)

You will need:

– black paper (for the hair)

– light paper (for the head)

– white paper (for the body, and also the wings)

– black and red pen (to draw the face)

– scissor

– glue

– cardstock. mine is  19 x 6 cm (then I folded in half)


1.  Make a round shape of 7/8” from white paper. It will be easier to use a puncher.

2.  Make another round shape at a same size, this time use black paper.

3.  Fold in half.

4.  Cut (create a hair shape).

5.  Unfold, now you have the hair.

6.  Mount the hair onto the head.

7. Draw a face.

8. Make the body and the wing (based on patterns)

9. Place the body on the wing (as illustrated)

10. Mount the body onto the cardstock, then mount the head.

Voila!! see… quick & simple.

These cards will be great for christmas

click the image to see it larger.

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DIY: Birdie Tags

Quick and simple to make!! & you don’t need to buy expensive materials to make these tags. You’ll only need scissor, black pen, hole puncher, ribbon, and some old postcards/ old publication/ flyer.


  1. Print the patterns. Based on those patterns, make the following parts: the tag (approx. 2 x 3,5”), the body, and the black eye (use a hole puncher to make this).
  2. Mount the body onto the tag. Draw the legs, tail, etc with a black pen.
  3. Punch a hole on the top of the tag, and attach a ribbon. Voila! Your birdie tag is now ready!

ps. click on each image to see it larger

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