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Quick & Simple: Collage Kimono Dolls

Easy to make!! & you don’t have to buy expensive materials to make these dolls. You will only need scissor, glue (I use white PVAc), and some old postcards. I use old poscards, but you can also use other papers (from old publication, flyers, etc). So, prepare all those stuff.

You don’t really need patterns to make these dolls. You can directly cut the paper, compose the pieces, and then join all pieces with glue. Now, let’s start

Step 1: cut the paper (make body shape). Also make 2 rectangulars (these are for the sleeves).

Step 2: make a curve on each sleeve. And then, make the head (more like an oval).

Step 3: make hair shape. When you cut the hair, put first the oval head above the hair paper. So you know how big should the hair is.

Step 4: Now all pieces are completed. Time to join them together.

Step 5: glue each sleeve on the back side of the body. Then put glue on the upper side of the body, then you can mount the head on the body.

Step: mount the hair onto the head. Voila! Now you have collage kimono doll!

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DIY cute dolls: “Rebi & Friends”

You will need:
– colour cardstock
– glue
– scissor
– hole puncher
– ribbon puncher (optional)

Brief instruction:
make all part of the doll (based on the pattern), then compose and glue. Make the eyes with hole puncher. Tips: make various model with your own style

New idea:
using the same pattern, you make these dolls with felt

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