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Flat lay styled photo for background and mock up

Ready to use mock ups are useful for crafters and designers who want to show case their creations. These flat lay styled photos are suitable for that purpose. There are 3 new bundles featuring stationery on wood background, crayons on rattan background, and butterfly ornaments in marble background.

All these mock up bundles are available at Design Bundles. These mock up templates are in JPEG formats. Means you can easily and use JPEG files in most programs such as in word and power point.

Each photo has been creatively modified to look modern and attractive. By using these mock up templates, you’ll save more time in making cover preview for your designs.

Browse the full collection from links below.

Stationery on wood background. CLICK HERE

Crayons on colorful rattan background. CLICK HERE

Butterfly ornaments on marble background. CLICK HERE

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