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DIY: Kirigami Xmas Leaf

Ho.. ho.. ho.. Christmas is coming, so I make these xmas theme kirigami projects.

I love to see a piece of paper can transform into so many shapes. Kirigami is a fun craft to do. The word kirigami comes from the japanese word “kiru” (= to cut), and “kami” (=paper). So, to have fun with kirigami, you will need scissor and papers.

Ok, let’s start. To make this xmas leaf, you will need:

  • square paper (green). I use 8,5 x 8,5 cm
  • scissor (of course)
  • round paper (red). I use my 7/8 craft puncher to make this
  • glue

Now, we’re going to do this basic folding (pls see the diagrams)

  1. Green paper, wrong side up. Fold in half, and unfold
  2. Fold in half, and unfold
  3. Fold in half, and unfold
  4. Fold the top edge into middle point, and unfold
  5. Ok, this one is tricky, but very easy actually. Hope I’m doing good with the diagram. You need to fold the left side upfront, so the yellow dot will meet the black dot (see the red arrow). Do same thing with the right side
  6. Fold the right side into left
  7. Now fold the left side
  8. Done

Now, the cutting part

  1. cut the paper
  2. you will have this part
  3. open it
  4. prepare your round paper
  5. place that in the middle. Finished.

See my next tutorial for Mistletoe kirigami project.

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