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How to make preview image for selling poster online – Photoshop tutorial

In this Photoshop tutorial, I’ll teach you how to make cover/ preview image for your poster (to look more appealing). If you’re selling your wall art/ posters at online marketplaces such as Teachers Pay Teachers and Etsy, then this tutorial might help you to have an attractive preview image, which will lead visitors to pin/ share/ tweet your listing, that might bring sales.

I’m using wood background that I have modified the size into 1500 x 1000 pixels at 72 dpi. For downloading free fonts, graphics, backgrounds, I recommend Creative Fabrica Freebies

As for the Valentine Bunny poster, it’s from DarraKadisha

The poster is in US Letter size at 300 dpi.

Okey, let’s begin.

Open your background and poster in photoshop.



Go to your poster (the one opened in photoshop). From the top menu, choose Select–> all area, the shortcut is Ctrl A. After that, choose Edit–>Copy (shortcut is ctrl c).

Go to your background (the one opened in photoshop). Choose Edit –> Paste (shortcut is ctrl v). You will see your poster there, however very big, my poster shows only the top of bunny ears.

From top menu, click View–>zoom out (shortcut is ctrl alt space bar, press all at the same time). zoom out several time. So, you’ll get this preview


Now, I’m gonna make the bunny poster into smaller size, so it will fit into the area of the wood background.

Press Ctrl T (at the same time), this is the shortcut for “transform”. You’ll see there’s a box around the poster. Now see the second line menu (below the top menu), those I spot with red arrows. I’ll go with percentage scaling 25% for the width and 25% for the height. Simple type 25% on each box. Then press enter.

You can see that your poster in now smaller.


Point your cursor above the poster area (that area with the gray box), click and drag it into the wood area.Then, press enter.

Now zoom in several time. Shortcut is z. Press z, then click, and so on, till you get something like this


Pay attention to the layer (on the right side), my bunny poster is above my wood background. Stay there, on your poster layer.

Now, I’ll add dimension effect to the poster by adding drop shadow.


Make sure you’re on the poster layer. From the top menu, choose Layer–> Layer style –> Drop shadow.

A pop up box will open.





You can adjust many things from the pop up box. I’ll go with just the basic. You can see the drop shadow appears on my poster.

Once done, click OK.

Since I have an empty space on the left, I’ll add text there, something to explain about the poster.


From the left toolbar, choose “T”, or you can use shortcut t, simply click t in your keyboard.

If you find any problem, you can always go back to the move tool, the one with arrow icon (top on the left toolbar), shortcut is v.

Okey, now I’m in Horizontal Type Tool (after I use shortcut T). This allows me to type text, modify text such as choosing the font, change the size, color, alignment, etc. See the top menu (the second line menu actually, the one I point with red arrows).

After done with the modification setting (such as choosing font, color, font size, etc), I type the text. Do something wrong? You can go back to the move tool (on top from the left toolbar, with arrow icon, click it), and do shortcut ctrl t again.

Once you’re happy with your text, click the move tool, and you’re done.

Now, you can save your work. You can save your photoshop workfile as psd.

As for your preview image, the one you will use for preview image/cover for your product listing (for online marketplace), you can save it as jpg format.

From to menu, choose File –> Save as –> pop box will appear, from the drop down menu, choose JPEG. See below


Click save, after that, another small pop up box will appear, asking for quality. For web/ online preview, I usually go with high or medium, so the file size won’t be too big.

That’s all!

Get fun clip art graphics for your design creations from DarraKadisha and Revidevi

2019 #revidevi





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I have these 2 boxes of decorative scissor, and rarely use them. One of the box is still sealed. So I designed this Spanish doll. What I love about Spanish costume is its layered skirt with ruffles, which is perfect to make my fancy scissor usable.

You will need:
– White paper (for the head)
– Brown paper (for the hair)
– Red and yellow paper (for the dress)
– Flower embellishment (optional)
– Glue
– Scissor
– Dark brown & red pen (to draw a face)
– Decorative scissor (optional)
– Cardstock 6 X 19 cm
– Hole puncher


1. Make a round shape of 7/8” from white paper. It will be easier to use a puncher.

2. Make another round shape at a same size, this time use brown paper.

3. Fold in half.

4. Cut (create a hair shape).

5. Unfold, now you have the hair.

6. Mount the hair onto the head.

7. Prepare a yellow square paper of about 2 X 2 cm. Fold backway the left and right side.

8. If you have a decorative scissor, then you can make a wave cut.

9. Make another 2 skirts, same way as the yellow one, instead this time use a red paper.

10. Now is time for layering the skirts. Insert one skirt into another (as illustrated), then glue them.

11. The layered skirt will look like this. Take a small yellow paper of about 9 X 9 mm. Then fold in half.

12. Put the small yellow paper on the top side of the skirt. Fold backway the left and right side, then glue.

13. It will look like this.

14. Take another small paper of 9 X 9mm, this time in red. Fold in half.

15. Insert the small paper into the skirt, then glue.

16. Fold backway the left and right side.

17. The skirt is done.

18. Since I’m going to make a small gift card, so I use 6 X 19 cm pink cardstock. Fold it in half. Mount the head onto the cardstock.

19. Mount the skirt.

20. Make 6 brown circles with a standard hole puncher.

21. Put 3 circles on the left, and another 3 on the right (as illustrated). Now the hair is completed. Have small flower embellishments? You can use them as hair accessories.


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DIY: Mini Angels (gift cards)

Quick and simple to make, as always :)

You will need:

– black paper (for the hair)

– light paper (for the head)

– white paper (for the body, and also the wings)

– black and red pen (to draw the face)

– scissor

– glue

– cardstock. mine is  19 x 6 cm (then I folded in half)


1.  Make a round shape of 7/8” from white paper. It will be easier to use a puncher.

2.  Make another round shape at a same size, this time use black paper.

3.  Fold in half.

4.  Cut (create a hair shape).

5.  Unfold, now you have the hair.

6.  Mount the hair onto the head.

7. Draw a face.

8. Make the body and the wing (based on patterns)

9. Place the body on the wing (as illustrated)

10. Mount the body onto the cardstock, then mount the head.

Voila!! see… quick & simple.

These cards will be great for christmas

click the image to see it larger.

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