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How to make japanese washi doll (Temari Girl)

Let’s make washi doll!! Fun to do, and the doll looks pretty :) You can mount your doll onto a cardstock, and you’ll have a uniqe gift card!

Ok, let’s start!

You will need:
– washi paper (patterned). washi is japanese silkscreen paper
– mingei paper (plain washi)
– cardboard (white)
– crepe paper (black)
– fancy paper (red). this will be for the small ribbons

You can add flat cotton/foam to the following parts:
– body (cardboard)
– right & left sleeve (cardboard)
– ball (cardboard)
It will create a dimensional effect. Just mount the cotton/foam to the cardboard.

Temari is a japanese folk game. The word literally means ‘hand’ (te) and ‘ball’ (mari). It is an ancient japanese folk art dating back more than 500 years.

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How to make Mini Kimono Dolls

Sometimes I have those scrap washi (all in small size), and I feel bad to throw them away (cause washi paper is quiet expensive), so I make these small washi dolls. They are very easy to make, and I can finish them in short time.

You don’t really need patterns to make the doll, but if you think it would be easier with patterns, then you can print these patterns

Now, you will need to prepare all the things to make the doll.

You will need:

– white paper (for the head)

– black paper (for the hair)

– washi paper

– small fabric ribbon (for the obi/sash)

– scissor and glue

If you’re going to make a bookmark, then you will need a cardstock. The red cardstock I use is 4,5 cm X 15 cm

Now, let’s start:

1. First, you will need to make a round shape with that black paper. The size is 7/8″. To make it easier, your can use 7/8″ round puncher. Then fold in half, and cut as illustrated. You can make your own hair style! It’s fun to do.

2. Open. Now, you have the hair

3. Make another 7/8″ circle with white paper. This will be for the head. Then, mount the hair onto the head. Draw a face!

4. Now, take one sleeve. Make a curve cut (as illustrated)

4b. Take another sleeve. DO the same.

5. Take the body, then mount it onto the cardstock. Then, you can mount the sleeves.

6. Mount the head. And then, you can put the obi (I use 2mm fabric ribbon).

and Voila!

You can add some embellishment to the bookmark. I add some sakura (made this with sakura puncher).

Hope you like your bookmark(s). See you again next time!

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