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How to make origami cat

Quick and easy to make. You can teach this model to kids.

You will need:
– origami papers (2 sheets)
– glue

just follow the diagrams

April 10, 2010 at 2:37 pm 2 comments

DIY: Embroidery on paper

You will need:
– cardstock
– scissor
– yarn
– needle
– paper puncher

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Crafting “Heroes” (eclipse)

“Heroes” is one of my favorite tv serials. I love their 1st season. Back then, I made this card.

You will need:
– fancy carton approx. 15cm X 30cm (white)
– black paper (14cm X 14cm)
– other black paper
– white paper
– silver pen

Brief instructions:
Make all part of the eclipse (based on the pattern), then compose & glue

‘Heroes’ is a tv serial (nbc). It’s a story about ordinary people with extraordinary powers. One of the character have a power to paint images of the future. This eclipe is one of his work.

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