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How to make japanese washi doll (Temari Girl)

Let’s make washi doll!! Fun to do, and the doll looks pretty :) You can mount your doll onto a cardstock, and you’ll have a uniqe gift card!

Ok, let’s start!

You will need:
– washi paper (patterned). washi is japanese silkscreen paper
– mingei paper (plain washi)
– cardboard (white)
– crepe paper (black)
– fancy paper (red). this will be for the small ribbons

You can add flat cotton/foam to the following parts:
– body (cardboard)
– right & left sleeve (cardboard)
– ball (cardboard)
It will create a dimensional effect. Just mount the cotton/foam to the cardboard.

Temari is a japanese folk game. The word literally means ‘hand’ (te) and ‘ball’ (mari). It is an ancient japanese folk art dating back more than 500 years.

April 11, 2010 at 12:51 am 2 comments

Let’s make 3D collage dolls (japanese girls)

Another collage doll free tutorial. You can see my previous collage doll tutorial

You will need:
– old postcard, some old flyers
– glue
– scissor

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DIY cute dolls: “Rebi & Friends”

You will need:
– colour cardstock
– glue
– scissor
– hole puncher
– ribbon puncher (optional)

Brief instruction:
make all part of the doll (based on the pattern), then compose and glue. Make the eyes with hole puncher. Tips: make various model with your own style

New idea:
using the same pattern, you make these dolls with felt

April 10, 2010 at 2:39 pm 1 comment

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