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How to tie an obi (butterfly style)

May 19th, 2009

o today I learn how to tie obi/sash :) One of the girl in my “chado” class (chado=the way of tea) is very kind to teach me how to do this. I will tell you later about my chado class. I’ve been in this class since last month. I have learned a little bit about japanese tea ceremony.

And today, I wear my yukata again (yukata= a simple version of kimono).

Click! (I’m the one with the yellow obi).

I love her obi because it has 2 colors (red & yellow). So when you have 2 colours, you can play around with your obi, and do several variations. The lenght of her obi is about 3 meters.

And the yellow one, is my obi. It is actually a “ready-to-wear” obi, means I don’t have to fold the obi (to make a shape of ribbon). I only need to attach it to the sash. Just that simple! That’s way I’m not so good at this thing (obi folding).

So these are the steps. It’s not so difficult actually.

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