How to capture an image

First, open the pdf file with adobe reader. If you don’t have adobe reader, you can download it for free from

Zoom the image into 375%

(you can drag the sheet with your mouse the get into the circle you want. I want the top left bug, so I drag into that circle)

My screen now looks like this

On photoshop, press ctrl+N (press ctrl and N at the same time)

A box will pop up, with the following..

widht: 1280 pixels

height: 800 pixels

(note: 1280×800 is my monitor resolution)

resolution: 72 pixels/inch

Now, you will need to change the resolution into 300.

So, you will have 300 pixels/ inch (and not 72 pixels/ inch)

After that, click ok

the box will disappear

Press ctrl+V (at the same time)

Now, you will have your circle (from adobe reader) on photoshop.

Click the “elliptical Marquee Tool” from top left tool, or you can simply press “M”

Change the “Style” from normal into “fixed size”, then set widht “1,313” in and height “1,313 in”

click the bug image, and drag the cirlce into the right place of the image,

you will see dot running white (indicating the 1,313” circle)

now, we’re going to copy this circle, press Ctrl+c

press Ctrl+N

a bow will appear, with this..

widht: 393 pixels

height: 393 pixels

resolution: 300

from the drop down menu, you can change the pixels with inches,

when you change it into inches, you will get this size

widht: 1,31 inches

height: 1,31 inches

resolution: 300

click “ok”

we have a new blank document

press “ctrl+V”

you will have your circle on that document

now, we will save this one circle

from “file” menu (on top), choose “save as”, and from the dropdown menu, you can use the type of file you want.

If you want a transparent background, you can save as a “png” file

otherwise (with a white background), you can sace as a “jpg” file

Once you have this one circle (in one png or jpg file), you can import this one circle into microsoft word, or openoffice (or, you can also import it into photoshop), and then you can create a page with these circles on it (just copy paste this one cirlce over and over in a sheet/page)

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