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I have these 2 boxes of decorative scissor, and rarely use them. One of the box is still sealed. So I designed this Spanish doll. What I love about Spanish costume is its layered skirt with ruffles, which is perfect to make my fancy scissor usable.

You will need:
– White paper (for the head)
– Brown paper (for the hair)
– Red and yellow paper (for the dress)
– Flower embellishment (optional)
– Glue
– Scissor
– Dark brown & red pen (to draw a face)
– Decorative scissor (optional)
– Cardstock 6 X 19 cm
– Hole puncher


1. Make a round shape of 7/8” from white paper. It will be easier to use a puncher.

2. Make another round shape at a same size, this time use brown paper.

3. Fold in half.

4. Cut (create a hair shape).

5. Unfold, now you have the hair.

6. Mount the hair onto the head.

7. Prepare a yellow square paper of about 2 X 2 cm. Fold backway the left and right side.

8. If you have a decorative scissor, then you can make a wave cut.

9. Make another 2 skirts, same way as the yellow one, instead this time use a red paper.

10. Now is time for layering the skirts. Insert one skirt into another (as illustrated), then glue them.

11. The layered skirt will look like this. Take a small yellow paper of about 9 X 9 mm. Then fold in half.

12. Put the small yellow paper on the top side of the skirt. Fold backway the left and right side, then glue.

13. It will look like this.

14. Take another small paper of 9 X 9mm, this time in red. Fold in half.

15. Insert the small paper into the skirt, then glue.

16. Fold backway the left and right side.

17. The skirt is done.

18. Since I’m going to make a small gift card, so I use 6 X 19 cm pink cardstock. Fold it in half. Mount the head onto the cardstock.

19. Mount the skirt.

20. Make 6 brown circles with a standard hole puncher.

21. Put 3 circles on the left, and another 3 on the right (as illustrated). Now the hair is completed. Have small flower embellishments? You can use them as hair accessories.


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